Collaboration! Relationship! Artistic progress!

Welcome to RRRC; A place of community that serves not just as a laboratory for musical exploration, but also as a piece of common ground where different lives and personalities meet in the pursuit of relationship, collaboration, and artistic progress.

It could be said that since we've moved into a Facebooky, Garage-bandy, remotely-connected laptop society, that the recording studio is a thing of the past. Why meet with other musicians and leave the comfort of your own apartment when you can do your own thing and make your own music without venturing outside?

Well, because venturing outside is what music is all about; venturing outside your expectations, your capabilities, your understanding. We formed this studio for many of the same reasons we formed the Red Rock cafe; to bring people together and to serve the artistic community among us.

RRRC is a community space founded on music and musicmaking of all stripes. The studio actually began years ago, when our friend Michael Toy started a studio in his basement at 'Toyland.' His dream was to create a place where money and technology didn't hinder people from making more music. Toyland was a lab of sorts where musicians could meet other music-people, and begin making beautiful noise together.

Soon, the studio moved to its current location in Mountain View, and became Undignified Labs. In 2008, the creative team behind Red Rock Coffee took over the studio, to deepen our connection with local and national artists, and to continue our commitment to true community in the artistic realm. Red Rock Recording Co. was born.

We hope you'll consider telling your musical story at RRRC. We look forward to collaborating with you. Visit our Rates and Label pages for more details about how RRRC works!