10.04.12 - G.O.O.D. Music
Greetings and salutations from RRRC! We're still working on some singer / songwriter tunes, some original music for short films and whatever else we can think of to keep creating music! We're also going to be MOVING, which is taking up a bunch of time and trying to figure out when we can do the last hurrah in our old space. That last hurrah will likely be a junk-time project featuring some RRRC vets and their 'new' band, so, you know, stay tuned :)
08.31.12 - Starting Anew
Hi there folks, we're got all kinds of fun stuff going on. Still talking with the amazing Coast Jumper about the mix for their first song with us, started a project with a local singer / songwriter and we also started a new album for the Highway Community. RRRC historians will know that this is our THIRD record at RRRC for Highway and it's VERY exciting. I'm also eating GRAPES which is VERY exciting. We're also continuously doing original songs for short films, which is always a good time. Hope you're well, keep listening...
08.03.12 - Finished Products
Hi there folks, sorry it's been a while. Lots of transition going on at RRRC, but mostly, we've been doing original music for short films for video company Highway Media. We're in between projects, but there's still lots of hoppin' activity within the soundproofed walls of the studio. In the meantime, you should go listen to some music that ISN'T recorded and catch some live tunes at our parent coffee shop, the Red Rock Coffee Company. We've got internationally-renowned singer / songwriter Teitur there on Sept. 15 for just $15 and the legendary Glen Phillips there on Nov. 3. Check out redrockcoffee.org for details. I'll catch you later, I need to go finish these tunes...
06.28.12 - New Friends
Hi! I used an exclamation point just now because I'm EXCITED. We had our buddies in Coast Jumper come in and track a new song over the last two nights called 'Western Stars'. It sounds really terrific and we had a lovely time together (well, I had a lovely time, you'd have to ask them). Hopefully they'll let you hear that song soon as they figure out what sort of release they want to do next. You can hear their first album at their "official website".

Got the masters back for the new Dogcatcher album. It's called 'It's Easy' and you can buy it or listen to it or whatever on July 14 in all the usual places. OR, you can be one of the first to get it at the release show at Bottom of the Hill in SF that night with RRRC official homies Picture Atlantic.

Anyway, that's all for now. Love you.
06.19.12 - It's Easy
Hey everybody, got some exciting stuff going on. The new Dogcatcher album, (most likely to be called) 'It's Easy', is getting mastered this week! It was recorded and mixed from February-June of this year and we could not be more proud! It's a shortie, at 25 minutes in length, but that's about how long your commute is, so you can listen to all of it. Artwork is coming, an animated video is coming, and so are lots and lots of SHOWS. Click that link and GO. You'll have fun, promise.

In other news, we've got Coast Jumper coming in to do some recording of some new material next week! If you haven't heard / heard of them, please do yourself a favor and check them out.

That's all for now. Talk soon...
05.31.12 - blah blah blah whatever
Sometimes, it's just about MAINTAINING, friends. Dogcatcher is making a major mixing push this weekend to finish the new album for the release show on June 14. Incidentally, Picture Atlantic, our great friends and neighbors, are releasing their new disc, Digital Tension, at the same show! On the same night! In the same room! That one is going to be a ton of fun. Support your local scene, folks. That's what we're trying to do!
04.26.12 - The Finer Things
Hi everyone, more general weirdness from RRRC in the past couple weeks. We've been spending our days recording music for some short films (pictured above), doing edits on a new Dogcatcher album and recording guitars for the Morrisson EP. I played bass on my iPad onto a 'world music' track, which was a weird and hilarious experience. The Dogcatcher album is coming along nicely, we just started mixing it. All that is coming on the heels of doing some acoustic stuff for the Morrisson EP. Everything is sounding pretty terrific. Check back for updates and we'll see you soon!
04.05.12 - Wholly Weak
Well, pictured above is the record we're currently working on. (I'm joking)

Actually, things are humming along nicely! I was doing some stuff for the Morrisson EP today, Picture Atlantic has been doing demos for their new record, Dogcatcher is editing their new record to get ready for the mixing process, and on and on and on!

Hope things are good in your world. Check out Picture Atlantic and Dogcatcher show dates, both bands are playing out A LOT right now.
03.29.12 - Plugging Away
Hi, true believers! We're hard at work here, as usual, doing whatever it is that we do. Morrisson's EP is getting back underway next week, the Dogcatcher album is being edited and the Aviation Museum album is still done. We're in talks with some new artists about starting projects, so we're excited! Our Highway Media roommate Chad just had his first baby, so it's been largely a solitary affair, but we're plugging away. Hope things are good, keep in touch!
03.22.12 - Air Supply
Hey everybody, just a quick stop to let you know that the album from the Aviation Museum recorded and mixed at Red Rock is now available! You can get it from iTunes or stream it on Spotify, but it's available with some extra stuff from Bandcamp.

Get a hold of it here.

I love you...
03.15.12 - Getting There
Hey guys, we're hard at work (as usual) on all kinds of stuff. We've been doing some music for original videos, wrapping up tracking for the new Dogcatcher album and getting all set to do more guitars on the Morrisson EP. The Michael Steven album has been mastered and sounds AMAZING. Check his stuff out as soon as you can and catch him at one of his many dates in SF.

Gotta run, but have a really good day.
02.16.12 - Beginning Anew
[photo by Skeleton Key Photography, who rules. Click here to see their awesome pictures...]

Hi guys. Lots going on over here at RRRC, as usual. We're finishing up rhythm tracks for Morrisson's 3-song EP tonight and on Saturday, we're starting a new Dogcatcher album. Andrew from Dogcatcher did an awesome painting the other day with a lone, androgynous figure that simply said 'everybody' above it. I suggested that we call the new record 'Everybody', but we'll see how it shakes out. We've got 6 songs that we've done live and they're all dialed in and ready to go. Come to think of it, you should come see Dogcatcher and get a preview. We're at Red Rock Coffee on March 3rd and Nickel City in San Jose on March 24th and at the Fillmore Poster Room w/ the Heartless Bastards on April 5th.

Finally, my album by the Aviation Museum, 'Love Life', is coming out on March 20th on every platform that matters. Keep checkin' back for updates, we'll have loads. Talk soon!
02.02.12 - Lifeblood
Hi everyone, Ryan here. I had a couple of cool sessions yesterday at RRRC: one is a super secret and the other was with SF songwriter Morrisson. Ramon from Dogcatcher came down and laid down some drums for Morrisson's EP that we started last night and the groundwork is coming together. I'll tell you about the other session in a few weeks...

In other news, I went to go see one of my all-time favorite bands, Wilco, on Sunday (see the picture above). It was a helpful reminder of why I love music and love making it, but it's great to witness a group of musicians who couldn't be more different coming together and making something that's equal parts innovative and accessible. If you haven't seen Wilco (or heard them!), put that on the top of your list.

Also, 'Love Life' by the Aviation Museum 'drops' on March 20th. Check back for a link when the time comes. Talk to you soon!
01.19.12 - Back to Work
Hi friends, just sitting in my office listening to the incredibly great Serge Gainsbourg, updating you on what's going on at RRRC these days. We're gearing up to do a couple of shorter projects right now with some terrific local talent. Morrisson is a songwriter in San Francisco, beginning a post-punk EP that should be super cool, Per Se is another great local act that we're getting ready to start recording (very cool indie pop tunes). Dogcatcher is just wrapping up prep for their new album, to be recorded over the next few months, and my personal record (The Aviation Museum), is off to the mastering plant next week. So, as you can see, there's a lot going on around these parts. Now, go listen to some music. Talk soon...
12.02.11 - Done-Zo
Hi there, friends. Just wanted to let you know that the Michael Steven album is FINISHED. Well, I'm done with my parts of it. It's been tracked and mixed, now it heads to our friend Masaki Liu at One Way Studios in Benicia, CA for the mastering treatment. Mike told me today that he plans to release his first single from the record as early as next month, with the full-length soon to follow. We'll be sure to keep you updated on the haps with regard to the album as the story unfolds. Until next time...
11.25.11 - You Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving! Right now I'm writing to you from Maui, where I'm vacationing with my family. However, when I get back, it's back to work! I just did final mixes for the new Michael Steven album, which is going to be released sometime early next year. It will be available digitally, as well as a very limited quantity of physical copies. It's very cool, we can't wait for you to hear it! I also just completed mixes for Terry Taylor's 'Return to Neverhood' project. It comes with an original comic book drawn by modern master Doug TenNapel. I got to see some of the early artwork and it blew me away, so be ready for that release very soon. As if all that wasn't enough, Rin Tin Tiger is in full swing recording their full-length record, which at this point, is going to likely be one of my favorite records we've ever done at RRRC.

Alright, that's all for me. I'm gonna go out on a sailboat. Talk soon!
10.26.11 - Keep On Keepin' On
Hi guys, I'm looking dizzy because of all the awesome stuff we have going on right now (smiley face!). We've finished the first round of mixes for Michael Steven's still-untitled full-length album and we've fired things up for the new Rin Tin Tiger full-length. We tracked takes of 5 (!) songs a little bit ago for the RTT record and when it drops, you are going to LOVE it. Mike's record has come along great as we near the end of getting it from my computer to your ears. Lots of great, buzzing activity around here. Hope you're well!

In other news, I accidentally got a Diet CHERRY Coke and it is gross.
09.20.11 - The Mixing Hole
Hey folks, Ryan the Engineer here. I'm a couple of hours away from going into the studio to finish the final vocal recording session for the as-yet-untitled new LP by SF songwriter Michael Steven . The record has been really cool to work on, from the revolving door of session musicians to the throwback-y tunes that we laid down. As of tonight, I'll be starting the process of mixing the 10-song album, beginning on Friday.

In other news, I do a personal project called the Aviation Museum and I just finished my new LP as well. It's called 'Love Life' and I think it will be released next month. I've been mixing over the last two weeks after recording it over Labor Day weekend and I'm super excited about it, so if you like, you can check out a rough version of one of the songs here .

That's all for now. I'll be down here in the mixing hole...
09.01.11 - Reggae
Well folks, I'm sitting here at Chad's house and I thought I would send you a little note as I eat Kirkland Signature Ice Cream and eat Pretzel Chips (which are like flat pretzels). We're two sessions away from completing the as-yet-untitled LP by SF songwriter Michael Steven. I'll start mixing that the third week of September or so. We've got awesome SF band Rin Tin Tiger getting ready to make their record this fall, and I just booked Oakland cover band ZZ Topless (guess who's tunes they cover?) to come in and make their demo in October, featuring your friend and mine, Peter from Lariats of Fire. As if all that weren't enough, south bay reggae group Vintage Music Collective is hard at work on their first ever recording after 5 years of gigging hard all around the area. Whew!

At any rate, exciting things are happening at RRRC. We hope you'll enjoy hearing it VERY soon. Now, back to my ice cream and flat pretzels...
07.19.11 - The Wonderful Thing About Tigers
Friends, we're back. Well, we never left or stopped grinding out tunes, but we're sort of back. ANYWAY, I was at the studio last week doing a song with a terrific San Francisco by-way-of San Jose band called Rin Tin Tiger. They just finished up an EP that they funded with a Kickstarter campaign and after seeing them perform live with Dogcatcher, we decided they might be a good fit for RRRC and they most certainly are! Stay tuned to this space to hear some of their tracks, but hit up that link above in the meantime to buy their EP for a measly $5.

That's all for now, but we've got TONS of exciting stuff coming up, so I'll be in touch soon. Bye bye! (and get yourself to your nearest movie theater to see Winnie the Pooh, it's incredible)
06.16.11 - People with Wikipedia Pages
Hey friends, we've had so much going on that I haven't had time to tell you what's been going on! Since we last talked, we had living legend Terry Scott Taylor come in with his latest batch of odd tunes in the same vein as the music he did for the videogame 'The Neverhood' in the 90s. He did the tracking for the 18-song record at Neverland Studios in Nashville with Derri Daugherty, who is also awesome, as well as one tune with us here at RRRC. We mixed the record pretty quickly and it is SWEET. Can't wait for you to hear it.

Anyway, we're back at it with Michael Steven from SF tomorrow, then it's more tracking next week for the next Dogcatcher album. Talk to you soon!
05.18.11 - AIN'T NO THANG
Hi everyone, quick update: we tracked an EP (or lovingly-named '3P') for semi-local band (San Jose and San Luis Obispo) Fialta in March and now it's here! Check it out at their site, where you can sample all of the songs and get the whole thing for a measly $3. The band consists of a couple of good friends of RRRC, Mike and David of Sherwood, as well as lovely ladies Beth and Sarah, who are also now friends of RRRC. It was lovely to have them in and we hope to see them all again sometime soon. In the meantime, take a listen to '3P'.

We've got some very strange and wonderful things in the mix for the next couple of months, so keep your ear to the ground. See you soon!
04.15.11 - Open For Business
Yes, yes, yes. You are now able to purchase all of the Red Rock Recordings albums that we've done over the last couple of years (collect 'em all!) in the store section of our fine website here. Colin Carthen, Dogcatcher, East of Western, they're all there. The store enables you to download each one in lossless format (for you audiophiles out there) as well as classic MP3 format, complete with artwork and whatnot. So please, do yourself a favor and grab them at your earliest convenience. You can also pick up a physical copy of East of Western's LP and Colin Carthen's LP, as well as our 'Freedom?' abolitionist compilation at our lovely coffee shop in Mountain View, CA, the Red Rock Coffee Company. Come on by, listen to some samples, enjoy the music of the south peninsula. We love you...
04.13.11 - Back to Basics
Well true believers, things are back to normal at RRRC. We've finished a few records and now we're ramping back up to do more! We've started a back-to-basics acoustic rock record with SF songwriter Michael Steven, which will be 10 catchy tunes for your listening pleasure available this year. We did foundation rhythm tracks over the last couple weeks and things are coming along smoothly! In the meantime, you can stop by our sister coffee shop, the Red Rock COFFEE (not Recording) Company and check out our new Listening Station! That's a picture of it above. You can check out all the records we've done on our Red Rock Recordings label and purchase them at the register. You can also grab our records digitally at our online store here. That's all for now, see you soon!
03.16.11 - Please Buy Our Records
Well, we made it. The three records we were working on at RRRC are all finished and available for your enjoyment. KILR by Dogcatcher is a terrific record lovingly described as 'Thelonius Monk plays poppy Blind Melon' by Jared Milos, the bassist for East of Western, whose record Panic is through and through, a rock album in the best way possible. It turned out beautifully and we couldn't be happier. The Highway Community's 4th album of church music is called Heavy Lifting and saw its release this last Sunday. If you're around on Friday in the SF Bay Area, Dogcatcher and East of Western are dropping both records formally at Cafe Du Nord and you should come.

Coming up, we've got sessions lined up with rock legend Terry Scott Taylor, Fialta and Michael Halatyn, so there's still a lot going on. But for now, go listen to music.
02.20.11 - The End is Nigh
Hi everyone, a few things happened this week. If you've been keeping score, you know that we've been completing 3 records: 'KILR' by Dogcatcher, 'Panic' by East of Western and 'Heavy Lifting' by the Highway Community. So here's what happened: 'KILR' has been sent to our friend Masaki to be mastered and will be pressed in the coming weeks, 'Panic' has been fully mixed and will be sent to the mastering plant tomorrow and 'Heavy Lifting' is in the final stages of mixing. I just heard 'KILR' for the first time and it's INCREDIBLE. Make sure and check out the CD release party for 'Panic' and 'KILR' at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco on March 18th (get your tickets at ticketweb.com). More information on these releases soon / hope to see you at the release!
01.20.11 - Closing Time (sort of)
I know I sound like a broken record, folks, but the nature of recording is that everything is in a perpetual state of almost-completion. Tracking is wrapping up on 'Heavy Lifting', 'Panic' by East of Western is in the mixing phase, and the Dogcatcher record 'KILR' is 99.9999999% done. Here's what you need to do: go to the Peacock Lounge on Wednesday nights and catch Dogcatcher play, or catch (no pun intended) them on the first Saturday of every month at the Red Rock Coffee Company (yes, we're related). You can hear a sweet preview at those places.

(Pictured above, we've got our local covers band, Folk Atrocity, playing a charity poker tournament last week, featuring Kevin from East of Western and Andrew from Dogcatcher. It was fun stuff...)

In other awesome news, we've got some members of the illustrious Lariats of Fire coming in this week to lay down some harmonica and pedal steel on the Highway record 'Heavy Lifting'. Very exciting! Anyway, go listen to some good tunes in the meantime. I recommend 'Marquee Moon' by Television (THE album of the 70s) and 'In the Cool of the Day' by Daniel Martin Moore. Until next time...
12.21.10 - Oh baby it's Christmas all over again.
Ol' Kevin, pictured above, is currently reviewing mixes for his new record 'Panic' from our friend Masaki at One Way Studios in Benicia, Brian from our friends in the local group Picture Atlantic, and when I do them, me, Ryan, your buddy here at RRRC. Things are wrapping up on 'Panic', the as-yet-untitled Dogcatcher record and tracking is concluding in the next couple of weeks for 'Heavy Lifting', the new record from the Highway Community. That's THREE new records being released in the first month of the new year, all from RRRC. (Check out the final mixes of four of the new Highway tunes here.) It's an exciting time, but while you're waiting, head to the Dogcatcher Facebook page down one entry in the feed and get watching Andrew's video of one of his new tunes, performed on his way to LA in the passenger seat of an automobile. It's lovely, and so are you. Happy Christmas, we'll see you all soon...
12.16.10 - Dogcatcher Update
Hey all! Dogcatcher is officially done tracking! Nate (FOTOMOKIO) will be putting the finishing touches on the mix this Christmas break. Expect the album to be out early January, debuting possible at a joint CD release show with Kevin's band, East of Western! In the meantime you can check out some Dogcatcher here
11.27.10 - TURKEY MUSIC.
Friends, colleagues, it's been too long. But that doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything! The Dogcatcher LP is criminally close to completion, the East of Western record is being mixed as we speak and the Highway Community record is wrapping up tracking here in December to get ready for mixing / mastering. The Highway Community album has also received artwork and a title: 'Heavy Lifting'. Additionally, we've got a few kids coming in from the Highway Community this week to flex their pipes on a couple of original Christmas songs to get in the spirit of the season. Keep your eyes and ears open as we roll out these great releases and others over the coming months. Catch you soon...